Data access and deletion Transparency Report

As described in Google's Privacy Policy and Privacy Help Centre, we maintain a variety of tools for users to update, manage, access, correct, export and delete their information, and to control their privacy across Google's services. In particular, every year, millions of users in the US utilise Google's Download your data feature or delete some of their data using Google's My Activity feature. These tools enable users to choose the specific types of data across Google's services that they want to review, download or delete, with requests processed automatically. In addition, users may exercise their rights under specific privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act ('CCPA'), by contacting Google.

The table below provides more information on the use of these tools and contact methods in 2023:

Type of requestNumber of requestsRequests completed in whole or in partRequests denied***Average time to substantively respond
Download your data usage*Approximately 8.8 millionApproximately 8.8 millionN/A (requests processed automatically)Less than 1 day (requests processed automatically)
My activity deletion usage*Approximately 60.6 millionApproximately 60.6 millionN/A (requests processed automatically)Less than 1 day (requests processed automatically)
Requests to know (via contacting Google)**42442226 days
Requests to delete (via contacting Google)**323207 days
Requests to correct (via contacting Google)**000N/A

As explained in our Privacy Policy, Google does not sell our users' personal information, and uses personal information that the CCPA treats as sensitive only for purposes permitted by the CCPA. Accordingly, when users submit requests to opt out of the sale of personal information or to limit the use of their sensitive personal information, we respond to these requests by explaining our practices and commitments. We also provide users with information on the limited circumstances in which their personal information may be shared outside Google, the controls that they have with respect to such sharing, and additional controls over the collection and use of sensitive information that may be available depending on which Google service they're using.

* Data for US-based users

** Data for users identifying themselves as California residents

*** Each of the requests denied in 2023 was denied either because the request was not verifiable or the user withdrew the request

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