Summary of changes to Google’s Terms of Service

This summary will help you understand the key updates that we made to our Terms of Service. We hope that this page is helpful, but we urge you to read the terms in full.


Service provider

This section identifies the name and location of the Google company that provides the services that you use.

  • We added Google’s Value Added Tax (VAT) number for your reference

Your relationship with Google

What you can expect from us

This section describes our approach to improving and changing our services.

  • We updated the examples of Google services to reflect changes in how we do business and in our branding
  • We clarified that many of our services include content that you can stream or interact with
  • We renamed the 'Improve Google services' section as 'Develop, improve and update Google services' to better reflect the content of the section. In addition:
    • We revised and reorganised some of the content in this section to make it easier to understand
    • We distinguished between the various kinds of services that we provide, and explained the reasons why we modify and update them
    • Finally, we described the advance notice that we provide if we make changes that negatively affect your ability to access the services, and your rights in those situations

What we expect from you

This section describes your responsibilities if you choose to use Google services.

  • We gave more examples of the 'rules of conduct' that we expect all users to follow

Software in Google services

This section describes software that you may find in our services, and explains the permissions given to you to use that software.

  • We deleted the restriction on 'reverse engineering' to better reflect your rights
  • We moved the last paragraph of this section to the 'Develop, improve and update Google services' section to better organise this content

In case of problems and disagreements

This section explains the legal concepts that establish expectations and responsibilities in case of problems.

  • We revised the first paragraph of this section to clarify the sources of your legal rights

Legal guarantee

This section summarises the guarantee provided to you by law. This legal guarantee is an assurance that a product or service will perform to a certain standard.

  • We added this section to help EEA-based consumers understand their rights under the EEA’s legal guarantee covering digital content, services and goods


This section specifies and limits our legal responsibilities under the terms and service-specific additional terms.

  • We deleted this section because EU law and your local law already determine the scope of our legal responsibilities


This section describes our liabilities in case of disputes. A liability is a loss from any type of legal claim. These terms only limit our liabilities as allowed by applicable law.

  • We revised and reorganised this section for clarity

Taking action in case of problems

This section describes the reasons why we might remove your content from our services or stop your access to Google services.

  • We added a sentence describing your right to withdraw from these terms if you’re an EEA-based consumer

Settling disputes, governing law and courts

This section explains which laws and courts we’ll use to resolve any legal disputes.

  • We clarified how to resolve disputes with us directly

EEA instructions on withdrawal

This section provides you with a copy of the European Union’s model instructions on withdrawal.

  • We included this EU standard form for your convenience. If you’re an EEA-based consumer, you can use this form starting from 28 May 2022

Key terms

This section describes key words that appear in the Terms.

  • We added definitions for the phrases 'commercial guarantee', 'lack of conformity' and 'legal guarantee' to help you understand these legal concepts in the new Legal guarantee section
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